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Share your image and get coupon codes for your next purchase. Try and enjoy new flavors and get addicted to london slush.

Vikram Sharma

Awesome guys who go above and beyond for their customers, I will be a customer for life and so will you. Couldn't recommend these guys enough, a great company, great products, and the best customer service I've ever experienced.

Anumpama Singh

The consistency of this taste is quite what I want from a real slush, and I still love it. Make me want to buy a London Slush machine for my basement, though, every time I drink one. Delicious!

Ryan Pandav

London Slush are a great summer treat for people on the go. They are easy to carry and tasty to snack on while not ruining the daily calorie goals. I've tried 2 of the 4 flavors so far and found them both to be equally enjoyable.

Nitin Kumar

I love these things. They don't have a lot of calories for the enjoyment you get out of them. The blueberry flavor is awesome, I love it . Everyone in my family enjoy London Slush a lot.

Kavita M. Sharma

I love London Slush and now with the flavours I can enjoy one anytime I want. Amazing taste, awesome flavours and superb customer service. I plan on getting all the flavors. I love everything about them.

Neelam Mehta

Only one thing that could be better is if I had a personal London Slush machine with great grape flavor I used to get them every day at school and it is worth every penny only thing I would only freeze them for two and a half hours I shake them about halfway through it keeps them very slushy and right texture.

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